Physical Culture is a fun combination of dance, ballet, and exercise routines for girls 3years+ and women of all ages and fitness levels. Girls and ladies of all ages can take part competing individually, in teams or participating purely for personal fitness.

Throughout the year girls learn an age appropriate set syllabus with opportunities for team and individual competition from July/August.

* Fun* Friendship *Flexibility*Fitness*Family

In 2020 Putney Physical Culture club celebrated 50 years of teaching from our wonderful instructress Carolyn Frame!

Our club’s instructress, Carolyn Frame, began participating in Physie at Putney as a 4 year old and has been teaching girls and ladies since 1971.

We are a not for profit, family focussed club, and are lucky to have many mothers, daughters and even granddaughters from the same family take part. We are registered with Service NSW as a COVID safe and you can be assured that we take the safety of you and you family seriously.

Your first two lessons are free, so come and try it out!

Class times and fees can be found here. 

New Enrolment Enquiries click here!

Affiliated with the Edith Parsons School of Physical Culture


2 thoughts on “

  1. Kathy Baxter

    Hi There, Could you please let my know if you’re still running classes at Putney? I’m enquiring for my 6 year old daughter.


  2. annablaikie

    Hi Kathy

    We sure are!
    Give me a call on 0419247725
    First classes start next Tuesday on the 12th at 415.


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